MAT -EN doormats in aluminium Plate, 12, 17, 25 Ultraplate

MAT -EN doormats in aluminium Plate, 12, 17, 25 Ultraplate

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Aluminium mats hole-covering or laid, available in many variations.
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The soul of the technical mat MAT-EN PLATE with varying heights from 12mm to 17mm to 25mm is a flexible wire mesh of sturdy tubular aluminum profiles (media section 1.5 mm; 6060 alloy) joined together by a trunking system in thermoplastic material. The support on a flat surface provides maximum stability and resistance to loads, while the different possibilities about the junction duct offer the possibility to choose the distance between the profiles and the drainage of the doormat. The 17 mm thickness makes it suitable for small wells and it can also replace old doormats in coconut and curl vinyl. Its thickness ensures the ideal use in medium intense traffic. The three types of coating allow the best performance in any situation: the felt / needled one allows cleaning from dust and a first drying; the laminated rubber is suitable for the removal of the rough dirt (mud, snow, ice, oil, ...) resulting also extremely practical in the cleaning and maintenance of the doormat itself; the brush tufts of nylon monofilaments attacks the heavy dirt, also under difficult soles, removing sand, fine gravel, wood chips and scraps, thanks to its very strong scraping power. It is possible to combine the various coatings in the preferred manner to achieve the desired action. FEATURES Thickness: 17 mm Coating: Needled, Rubber and Brush Binding: closed and slotted conduit 4 and 7 mm Weight per square meter: - 14.52 Kg (channel 7 / A) Rubber - 12:56 kg (channel 7 / A) Brush - 10.30 Kg (channel 7 / A) Needled

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Material Alluminio,con rivestimento in agugliato, gomma o spazzola