Interfold toilet paper anti-odour Bio Tech - 8960 sheets pack

Interfold toilet paper anti-odour Bio Tech - 8960 sheets pack

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BIO TECH Pack of 8960 shhets of interfold toilet paper, v-fold, in pure cellulose wadding 2-ply, the active anti-odour toilet paper that acts on septic tanks.
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Biotech is the active Papernet toilet paper that does not clog the toilet, it eliminates odours and obstructions, reducing the necessity of uncloggings. Understanding how it works it's easy: when it reaches the drainage system, Biotech eliminates the encrustations and it cleans the septic tanks. After 4 weeks only, its sanitizing action cleans the drainage system from clogs, odours and dirt problems. A regular use reduces maintenance works of the drainage, so it reduces costs: less uncloggins, more savings. BENEFITS OF A REGULAR USAGE: Bio Tech is the new and innovative bio toilet paper that offers 5 incredible benefits: reduces the odours. No smell in the spaces. No embarrassment for the user. More quality in the service. It reduces cloggings. No mechanical works. It makes the cleaning easier. More cleanliness in the toilet. It reduces the maintenance works. It keeps the draining and the septic tanks clean. Savings on the costs. Environmental protection. Waste water more clean. Completely biodegradable. Dermatologically tested. Not irritating for the skin. Not irritating for the mucous membrane.

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SKU PC320070
Material Pura ovatta cellulosa doppio velo
Typology Toilet paper