Nebulizer for surface WC detergent "NUBE"

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Nebulizer dispenser for surface WC detergent. Bathroom accessory with wall installation containing the antiseptic detergent in alcohol solution P.M.C.
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The surfaces of public bathrooms frequented by several people may be affected by the presence of potentially harmful micro-organisms: offer the users of the toilet a hygienic and practical way to avoid any contamination by installing this dispenser for hygienic toilet seat cover, colored on the wall white and compatible with the refill of antiseptic detergent in PMC alcohol solution
Data sheet
SKU PD190355
Manufacturer Code 749
Capacity LT. 0,500
Colour White
Material plastica
Height (mm) 175
Width (mm) 90
Width (mm) 85
Refill tipology refillable
Typology Electronic dispenser toilet sanitizing
Line White
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