Pyrethrum bug spray

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Insecticide spray, it guarantees 3000 sparys. To be used with the automatic dispenser
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Aerosol bug spray, mostly repellent thanks to the high concentration of natural Pyrethrum; It works by blocking the nervous system of insects, thus avoiding possible addictions assets. AIR CONTROL aerosol bug spray is active against all flying insects and in particular against flies and mosquitoes. AIR CONTROL is an insecticide that is applied in all sectors of the food industry and communities (kitchens, hotels, restaurants, etc.). The piperonyl butoxide present in the formula produces a synergistic effect that enhances the activity of the insecticide. It is recommended to use AIR CONTROL aerosol bug spray with the automatic spray diffuser. Each cylinder guarantees 3000 sprays and a duration of 30 days (with a 15 minutes pause between one dispensing and the other).
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Capacity 250 ml spray can
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