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Plastic cups - 200 ml capacity

Package of 30 rows of 100 plastic cups, 200 ml capacity. Learn More

Buckets and wringer 2x15lt. yellow

Buckets and wringer two buckets 15 lt each with handles and 4 wheels. Learn More

Gripper clamp from yellow plastic

Gripper clamp from yellow plastic Learn More

Medical roll in 100% cellulose wadding 2 plies - 6 rolls pack

Package of 6 medical rolls, 100% cellulose wadding, 2 ply, for clinics, wellness centres, hospitals, etc. Learn More

Handle from aluminium

Handle of Aluminum diameter 23mm. Learn More

Hand and surface sanitising wipes

Package of 350 hand and surface sanitising wipes with antibacterial and fungicide for the cleaning of the toilet seat and other bathroom surfaces. Learn More

Cotton white mop

Cotton white mop with 30 fringes Learn More

Detergent pharma soap DISINFECTANT and detergent pharma trade lt.5 medical devices

Liquid antiseptic for the disinfection of hands and skin. Appropriate for analysis laboratories, food and pharmaceutical industries, it can be used in the daily hygiene of all the communities. Learn More

Electrostatic cleaning dust cloths "Spinky" cm 22x60

Pack of 500 electrostatic cleaning dust cloths Learn More

Facial tissues box, 100 tissues - 40 boxes pack

Package of 40 boxes of 100 multipurpose paper facial tissues. Learn More

Hydrolacol gel cartridge without rinsing 1000 ml. - Pack of 9 bottles

Pack of 9 cartridges of 1000 ml hydro-alcoholic gel without rinsing. Learn More

Interfolded napkins

Interfolded napkins - 30 packs per 200 pcs pure cellulose, 2 piles Learn More

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