Citrus scented multi-purpose cleaner "Pronto tutto"

Citrus scented multi-purpose cleaner "Pronto tutto"

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8 bottles of 750 ml citrus scented multi-purpose cleaner
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MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANER CITRUS-SCENTED NEW FORMULATION DESCRIPTION: PRONTOTUTTO is ideal for a quick and easy daily cleaning of counter tops, support bases, tables and chairs, shelves, refrigerator exterior, glass, mirrors, tiles, plastic and in general of all washable surfaces. PRONTOTUTTO removes grease and dirt stains, small limestone contamination, repels dust and smog, does not leave marks and makes the surfaces long-brilliant and pleasantly scented. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Spray PRONTOTUTTO on the surface and clean it with a sponge or disposable paper. APPEARANCE: Yellow clear liquid. ODOR: Citrus. SPECIFIC WEIGHT: 950 - 1050 g / l (at 20 ᄚ C) pH (at 20 ᄚ C): 3.0 to 4.0. COMPONENTS: glycols, anionic surfactants (less than 5%), organic acids, phosphonates (less than 5%), fragrance, preservatives (bronopolo, isotiazoli mixture), colourants. BIODEGRADABILITY: it contains anionic surfactants with biodegradability > 90% (Law no. 136 of 26/04/83) AVERAGE LIFE 36 MONTHS

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