Bathroom scented sanitising cleaner "Gelsan"

Bathroom scented sanitising cleaner "Gelsan"

Bathroom scented sanitising cleaner "Gelsan"

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Bathroom scented sanitising cleaner
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Gelsan is a product to cleanse the toilet and it guarantees a good daily cleaning. This stunning detergent goes all the way, removing even the strongest stains, even limestone, all thanks to the presence of quaternary ammonium able to sanitize the treated surfaces. Moreover, it will be a pleasure to use Gelsan as it releases a nice perfume. BOTTLE OF 1 KG Features Specific weight at 20 ᄚ : 950-1050 g / L at 20 ᄚ pH : 1.5 - 2.5 Components : organic acids, thickeners, nonionic surfactants ( less than 5% ), cationic surfactant ( benzalkonium chloride : less than 5% ), colourants and perfume. Biodegradability : 90 % according to the law n . 136 of 26/04/83 art . 2 and 4. Average life : 36 months

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